lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010


I guess we left our love abandoned,,
By an old abandoned lighthouse.
Where night-time stays forever,
And no one ever find us.

We were the best of  lovers,
Before the plague's dimensions.
At last covered our planet,
With its deadly infection.

......(The Turning)

And now I walk alone,
Looking through glory holes.
To see the face of God.

But as my hunger grows,
I crave for something more,
Than meat and milk from men.

And so from time to time,
I think about our love,
And life on planet earth.

But it's a distant thought,
My heart, broken and all,
It slowly starts to fade.

I guess in memory,
We live eternally,
But how long should we stay?

Alive but dead inside,
Without the love we tried,
To save us in the end...

Miguel Angel 

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